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Pre Insulated Duct Systems

Pre Insulated Duct Panels is the modern trend in HVAC Ducting. Hapri Insulation is one of largest producer, exporter of Pre insulated duct panels in Dubai, UAE, Middle East and around the world with the brand name of ISO Ducts. Hapri Ducts are CFC Free and Environment Friendly. Hapri ISO ducts are made of Rigid Polyisocyanurate (Polyisocyanurate)/Polyurethane (Polyurethane) foam with higher densities, compressive strength and best thermal properties.




Hapri ISO Pre Insulted Ducts are preferred over the traditional ducting and competitors due to the following advantages:


1. Light weighted
Hapri ISO Pre Insulated Ducts are light weighted yet strong enough to hold the handling in sites and during installation and can keep its dimensional stability for years.

2. Cost Effective
Hapri ISO Pre Insulated ducts is less costlier than the other available materials for ducting having all the necessary properties of air circulations.

3. CFC Free
ISO Pre Insulated duct is CFC free.

4. Lesser Manpower
Hapri ducts can be fabricated with less manpower , thus reducing labor cost directly.

5. Environment Advantages.
Hapri ISO Pre insulated ducts are perfectly safer for environment. Hapri materials are listed as green building materials by Dubai Central laboratory (DCL).

6. Antifungal and Antibacterial
ISO Pre Insulated Ducts are Antifungal and anti bacterial. It's used in various projects of Hospitals, clean rooms , food industries and for pharmaceutical purposes.

7. Thermal Conductivity.
Hapri ISO Pre Insulated Ducts provide the best thermal conductivity among the materials used for ducting.

8. Noise and vibration
Hapri ISO Ducts are provided in higher densities and compressive strength which generates less/no vibration and noise as compare to traditional GI ducts.

9. Quicker Fabrication and Installation
ISO ducts can be fabricated quickly and most of the time at site and can be installed with minimum efforts and manpower.

10. Fire Properties.
Hapri ISO ducts provides higher resistance in case of Fire. Its have tested according to the international standards.




Hapri ISO Polyisocyanurate Ducts are made of closed cell rigit Polyisocyanurate and Polyurethane insulations. The general properties of Polyisocyanurate Pre Insulated Duct panels are given below.

• Panel Diamensions
width : 1200mm
Length : 4000mm

• Thickness of ISO Pre Insulated Duct
Available in 20mm and 30mm. 25mm can be also produced.

• Aluminum Facing of ISO Duct:
Both sides Embossed Aluminum, One side Embossed and other side Plain.

• Aluminum Thickness
80 Micron Embossed & Plain, 200 Micron Embossed Plain.

• Density
Standard Density of Hapri Pre Insulated ISO Duct is 48 ±2. Density range can vary according to the project requirements.

• Compressive Strength
Approx 300 Kpa

• Thermal Conductivity
0.020 w/m*k

• Fire Properties
Class 0/Class 1

• Water Absorption
0.04 %

• Flexural /Bending Strength
Between 1200-2000 Kpa

• Pressure Limit
Approx 1000 Pa for 20mm, and for 30mm approx 1700 Pa

• Air Speed
15 m/s

• Usage and Applications
indoor and outdoor, Hospitals, Clean Rooms, Pharmaceutical Industries.

• Sound Attenuation
Avg (100-3150 Hz) 14.1

• Working temperature
-25 till 80 Degree Celsius